Mixed Drink

Mixology Mastered

Discover The Pharmacy: Timeless Elegance with a Modern Twist

Immerse yourself in our unique history and vibrant present as we blend Prohibition era allure with contemporary sophistication.

Welcome to an immersive experience that combines the allure of a bygone era with modern sophistication. Our mission: to transport you to the time of speakeasies, imbuing each visit with the charm of the Roaring Twenties while delighting you with cutting-edge mixology and an atmosphere of unparalleled hospitality. Housed in the heart of historic Downtown Belmont, our cocktail lounge stands as a testament to this illustrious past, its design echoing the timeless elegance of the Prohibition era interwoven with today's comforts. Yet, our story doesn't stop at recollections of the past; we're continually advancing. With an innovative beverage program, traditional cocktail recipes are brought to life through inventive techniques. Expert mixologists artfully blend high-quality ingredients, honoring the rich cocktail heritage while exploring new, thrilling flavor frontiers.

  • A Unique Beverage Program. Our mixologists artfully blend tradition with innovation, crafting drinks that honor cocktail heritage while exploring exciting, new frontiers of flavor.
  • A Refined Atmosphere. With plush, vintage-inspired seating and an ambiance imbued with the charm of the Roaring Twenties, our lounge is more than just a bar—it's a unique historical experience.
  • A Vibrant Community. Membership grants access to a passionate community of cocktail enthusiasts, regular events, tastings, and the opportunity to engage with industry professionals.

As a cherished member, you're not just a guest; you're part of a family that celebrates the craftsmanship of cocktail making and the finer things. Sink into our plush, vintage-inspired seating, engage with our friendly, professional staff, and indulge in our passion for exceptional service and superb drinks. More than just a cocktail lounge, this is a gathering spot for a community of individuals who appreciate the artistry of a well-crafted cocktail and seek exclusivity and luxurious relaxation as much as you do. Join us on this journey where the elegance of history and the excitement of the present meet. Let's create unforgettable experiences together.

A Careful Selection: Ensuring Only the Best for Our Members

Our lounge prides itself on meticulous product selection, prioritizing elusive, hard to find local and global spirits that align with our commitment to quality and sustainability. The result is a dynamic, seasonally-driven menu that consistently offers new and exceptional flavors. For any inquiries about our products or process, we warmly invite our members to connect with us, enhancing the appreciation of each meticulously crafted drink.